Hashtag marketing tips

November 1, 2017
Hashtags are used on many social networks. But the sites where they seem to have most effect are on Twitter and Instagram. I haven't gotten into the latter site yet. But I've certainly used the former a lot, and have employed them there. So the following list of observations about how to use them for marketing relates to my experience on that platform. They have most relevance to it, but I'm sure you can apply them to others.

First observation: People do tend to think that hashtags are more powerful than they actually are. So sometimes they include six or seven or even more of them in a tweet! Obviously that's overdoing it, especially on Twitter since you've got no space left to say anything ... So, I would only use one or two, three maximum. But of course you should be thoughtful about the ones you do choose to use.

You should definitely keep an eye out for trending hashtags, and if they are appropriate then be sure to include them.

Relevance is key here, of course ... Let's say the hashtag for your city or suburb is trending because of some newsworthy event such as a crime or accident. Some people who have local businesses might want to take advantage of that. But it's a bit ghoulish. And I don't think it would help anyway. People just wouldn't be interested.

Remember that each TV show usually has its own hashtag. If you use it while the show is being broadcast you can get your tweets seen by a far greater number of tweeps.

Obviously this isn't an ideal fit with more locally oriented marketing, because most TV shows are Australia-wide. Still, if you're aiming at people city-wide in Sydney, a big chunk of the TV audience is from that city. So, it's definitely worthwhile. (Examples include #Sun7, #Studio10, #TheProjectTV.)

Radio stations also have their own hashtags. Including these can be beneficial, especially if you are marketing something relevant to a specific geographic area. For example, in Sydney you can use #2GB, #ABCRadioSydney, #2SM. You can include these when you're offering your two cents on an interview related to what you're promoting.

Still on local marketing: Obviously just the location hashtags such as #Sydney and #SydneyNSW and #SydneyAustralia can be relevant and worthwhile ... Also, remember suburb names like #Balmain, #Bondi, etc. There are many variations such as #ILoveSydney #SydneyLife, #Sydneywork that are popular too.

If you're in hospitality industry then you can use #Sydneyeats, #Sydneyfood, #Sydneycafes, etc. Needless to say, there are many other useful niche and career specific ones.

These more specific hashtags can be a good choice because they seem to be moderately -- as opposed to extremely -- popular. So, rather than just getting buried under the avalanche of all the other hashtagged tweets in an hour or so, yours can hang around in the "Top" (ie most popular) section for days, if not weeks.

Good Linkedin groups for people in Sydney

October 14, 2017
Linkedin, like Facebook, has groups that members can join and participate in. This is certainly worth doing. You can build your authority and get seen by heaps of people this way.

If you have a blog you can share posts you have written in the groups. If you don't have one set up on its own domain, there's the platform's own blogging tool, Linkedin Publisher. (Either way you don't want to spam them, of course. Only do this occasionally, and make sure the posts are relevant for the group!)

As w...
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Future Street promotion at Circular Quay

October 12, 2017
I get down to Circular Quay a lot. There's often something new and interesting going on and it's a bit like Martin Place in that you'll sometimes see business and government related initiatives being launched and promoted there. The most recent one is "Future Street". It presents a vision of a greener, more digitally connected urban lifestyle.

Like a similar display I saw several months ago, this one is visually interesting and created with social media in mind. It has its own hashtag and exho...
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Australian Facebook groups to promote your business or service

October 10, 2017
There are Facebook groups for just about every subject imaginable. Not surprisingly, there are many country and city specific ones dedicated to business advertising. It's definitely worth joining several of these and being active on them. As well as being good places to advertise your page, services and products, you can also find lots of relevant, local Facebook pages on them that you can engage with as your page.

Many of them are for businesses anywhere in Australia. Given Sydney's large pop...
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Topical tweeting can garner mainstream media exposure

October 5, 2017
I'm very active on Twitter and have several accounts in different niches. One of these is current affairs and politics. I've learned more about building a large, engaged following on social media from this particular account than any of the others, to be honest.

This is a passionate, engaged niche. There are numerous mainstream media journos on it. And no wonder. It's a great way to keep up to speed on breaking stories ... And with so many "punters" on the site tweeting their views of politic...
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Sharing YouTube videos on Facebook and Twitter is a must

October 5, 2017
Obviously people have limited time to devote to social media marketing. It's impossible to build massive followings on absolutely all the main sites. However, regularly using at least three has definite benefits and is certainly achievable even if you're very busy.

Everyone's needs are different. But I recommend getting into Twitter and Facebook if you can. And while YouTube may not fit the strictest definition of "social networking" site, it's certainly a great way to get seen and make good c...
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Social media marketing is not traditional marketing!

September 10, 2017
Offering lessons in social media marketing has taught me a lot about how people new to the field tend to perceive it. Much of this information comes from their initial calls or e-mail enquiries. From these interactions I have learned that they often have the misconception that using social networks for promotion is much like traditional marketing.

Take Facebook. Many seem to think that when someone likes their page they are "opting in" to what is essentially an e-mail list. So they get on FB ...
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Facebook page marketing tip: Share posts in FB groups

September 4, 2017
These days if you have a business and don't have a Facebook page to promote it you are missing out. And you want to have lots of people who genuinely like and engage with it. There are many free ways to promote the page, including advertising offline at your location and on your merchandise as well as by interacting with other pages.

But if you only use these methods, it can take a long while to draw likes to it. That's where Facebook groups can be very useful. Many of these are massive as wel...
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YouTube marketing is great for locally oriented businesses

June 3, 2017
I have been making numerous short local videos for YouTube in recent months. I'm doing it for fun more than anything else. But it's been quite instructive.

I've been mindful of the fact that YT is a huge search engine in its own right. So I've been applying SEO principles while uploading them and using geo-specific keywords in the titles and descriptions, and tags.

Now, my videos of Sydney are being found increasingly often for those keywords. And they slowly creep up the internal search engin...
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Nabo social network looks good for local businesses

May 9, 2017
When it comes to social networking obviously Facebook is king and it will be for quite some time. But there have been many changes in the online landscape recently, with new sites popping popping up all over the place targeting various niches.

One of these of interest to Sydneysiders is Nabo. It's a locally owned site that received some major backing to get going. (There was another one in this vein that is still up online but a bit of a ghost town now. That's Housenet.)

What makes Nabo unique ...
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