Good Linkedin groups for people in Sydney

Posted by Matt Hayden on Saturday, October 14, 2017
Linkedin, like Facebook, has groups that members can join and participate in. This is certainly worth doing. You can build your authority and get seen by heaps of people this way.

If you have a blog you can share posts you have written in the groups. If you don't have one set up on its own domain, there's the platform's own blogging tool, Linkedin Publisher. (Either way you don't want to spam them, of course. Only do this occasionally, and make sure the posts are relevant for the group!)

As well as being useful in this way, Linkedin groups give you the means by which you can get to know lots of other people in your field. You can then send them connection requests and know that they will almost certainly be accepted. (You'll also get some coming your way as a result of your activity. There'll be the odd scammer. But most will be genuine ones from great people.)

This "ice breaking" aspect is valuable because Linkedin, being such a professionally oriented social network, is pretty strict when it comes to connection requests. If you send out too many to people you don't actually know you can end up getting your account suspended. Definitely not something you want to have happen!

So, the groups are definitely worth the effort in my opinion ... And if you're in Sydney, you might find the list below useful.

Sydney (NSW) Professional Network
Sydney (Australia) Business and Professional Network
Sydney Media People
Digital Jobs Sydney
Website Design | Website Designer | Application Development Sydney Australia
Networking Sydney
Sydney Media Professionals
Information Technology in Australia, Sydney, Melbourne
Sydney Referral Network

Given that Sydney itself has a significant proportion of the nation's population, these Australian focused groups are also worth looking at.

Australia Business and Professional Network
Networking Australia (Only!)
Small business Australia
Australian Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

There are plenty more that can be found by searching the site, of course.

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