I'm constantly on the lookout for new ways to earn extra money doing something creative and enjoyable. With that in mind I've been trying out the site Zazzle.

It's fantastic. For free, they give you all the tools you need to create your own products. These could be almost anything: cards, stickers, t-sharts, mugs etc. Basically you come up with the design and upload it into one of their very easy to use templates and then you submit it for review. Once that's done it's up there on the site (which gets massive traffic, BTW) and people can buy it if they wish.

Zazzle does all the order processing, mailing of the products, etc. Because they've provided the raw materials (eg cards, clothing) on which your creation is printed, most of the payment goes to them, but you still get a commission.

Obviously if you have experience as a designer you'll be way ahead of the pack here. But you don't have to have any formal training, or even special skills, to come up with products that people like and buy.

I joined recently and have been creating postcards from photos I've been taking around Sydney for a local blog I have. I've already started to make sales. Please check out my profile, with stores included.

You don't even have to have anything visual. You can just come up with funny or interesting lines to put on products. This has great potential if you're a bit of a wordsmith.

Also, if you sign up you can promote the whole site as an affiliate, and get commissions that way too. That means you don't even have to create any products to earn some money. So, lots of reasons to join up!

Being new to this site myself, I have a lot to learn -- particularly when it comes to the aesthetic aspects of designing, as well as which categories of products sell better than others, etc. So as I try out different approaches and find out which work best I will post thoughts about them on my blog