I'm an experienced blogger and avid social media user called Matt Hayden. I've long had an interest in online marketing and have built several sites (with blogs) on the subject. An example is Blog Plus Tweet.

I've been in Sydney since mid-2016 after living in Perth (my home town) for several years. While in that city I offered various services to small business people through this site

I'm doing much the same here. Among other things I offer private social media lessons, flyer distribution and press release writing.


I've spoken to many people with business websites who have paid for online marketing services that they've been very disappointed with. And I know from personal experience that it's much better if you can do these tasks yourself. This is particularly true of using Twitter, Facebook and the like. So, rather than offer social media marketing and management services (at least not now) I'd much rather teach you how to do it yourself.

It doesn't take long to show someone new to the medium what to focus on and what to avoid. If I can point you in the right direction that may end up saving you lots of money over the long term!

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you'd like to learn more. And please do check out my blog, which has a growing list of posts about marketing with a focus on social media.