Workers' rights are not being respected

Posted by Matt Hayden on Sunday, November 14, 2021
Clearly a high proportion of workers do not want the "vaccination". They are reluctantly getting it because they're being coerced by their employers. The reason that is happening is because the State Government is bullying those businesses with threats of massive fines.

The politicians driving this know they're violating basic human rights and even breaking international laws by demanding their citizens undergo an experimental medical procedure against their will. But they aim to jab the entire population nonetheless.

They cannot simply mandate that everyone in NSW be "inoculated" and then drag people out of their homes and force inject them (although they would love to do this if they could get away with it). Instead, they've opted for an indirect process in which they put pressure on businesses to demand all workers be jabbed. Basically, they're getting employers to do their dirty work for them. 

This kind of government overreach is exactly what unions were supposed to protect workers against. But hardly any of them are doing so. Worse, many are actually siding with the government, repeating their bogus line about how getting jabbed is the right thing to do because it "keeps everyone safe". 

The above poster, which I saw in very left-wing Newtown, perfectly illustrates the whole problem. Basically the unions, like big business and government, are ultimately all part of a pyramid-like power structure. The higher up it you go, the fewer players there are, and the more power they have over all of those below them.

Globalist elite control freaks are at the apex of this power pyramid. They are calling the shots. The unions follow them, rather than defending rights of workers.

This why it's so important to resist this stuff from the bottom up. This whole system needs to be taken down. A good way to start is for all of us to support businesses that do the right thing by both customers and employees by not demanding that they get the shot. 

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