Sharing YouTube videos on Facebook and Twitter is a must

Posted by Matt Hayden on Thursday, October 5, 2017
Obviously people have limited time to devote to social media marketing. It's impossible to build massive followings on absolutely all the main sites. However, regularly using at least three has definite benefits and is certainly achievable even if you're very busy.

Everyone's needs are different. But I recommend getting into Twitter and Facebook if you can. And while YouTube may not fit the strictest definition of "social networking" site, it's certainly a great way to get seen and make good connections with others in your niche.

Simply by being active on these three platforms, you're expanding your reach hugely. And the variety is a bonus. It's easy to burn out on one site, after all. But by alternating between each you can stay fresh and keep your creativity up.

You can also use these platforms for cross promotion. The most straightforward, and I think beneficial, way of doing this is to share your YouTube videos on Twitter and Facebook.

People love this kind of content, after all. And if you make short, interesting clips and share them with followers who already know, trust and respect you, the odds that they'll be watched all the way through go up substantially. You'll get more "thumbs up" this way, too. These algorithmic signals help a lot in YouTube's estimation of the quality of your videos. They'll rise up the internal search rankings as a result.

When it comes to Facebook, of course you can upload the video to the site directly. But that does take time. And if you've already got it up on YouTube, I figure, why bother? Lots of people will still leave FB to go and watch it.

You should share it off your page first. And I've learned from my YT stats that Facebook groups are a particularly good place to get your video in front of heaps of new viewers. By sharing the FB page update that includes a link to the video you also get people learning about the page itself, some of whom will like it.

Similarly, on Twitter, just tweeting the video link to your own followers isn't the only way of getting more views on the platform. Keep an eye out for tweets on the same subject as your clip by influencers with big followings. As long as your video is relevant and contributes to the conversation, there's nothing wrong with tweeting a reply that includes a link to the URL.

This can be very effective, especially if you manage to do this soon after the influencer tweets. That's because heaps of people will then see it. The further you go down the tweet reply thread the smaller the benefit.

Obviously this tactic is most suited to topically-themed niches such as news and politics. But you can still use it in others that are more timeless, so to speak. The key is to make sure you're only doing it when your video is specific and relevant to the influencer's tweet, the more so the better.

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