Future Street promotion at Circular Quay

Posted by Matt Hayden on Thursday, October 12, 2017
I get down to Circular Quay a lot. There's often something new and interesting going on and it's a bit like Martin Place in that you'll sometimes see business and government related initiatives being launched and promoted there. The most recent one is "Future Street". It presents a vision of a greener, more digitally connected urban lifestyle.

Like a similar display I saw several months ago, this one is visually interesting and created with social media in mind. It has its own hashtag and exhorts people to share photos on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. There's also a great incentive which clearly works well as you can see by the number of photos submitted.

Part of the display is shown below (seen from the train station above Alfred Street).

There are various components including a stall where you can learn about the Smart Cities Plan, among other things.

Complete Street is a section showing what the city might look like if people and cars are valued equally.

You can also have a related virtual reality experience.

There's a Tesla on show.

As well as a driverless vehicle ...

There are other components to it that I didn't manage to photograph.

All in all it's a cool promotion that has certainly succeeded in making people aware of the initiative. Check it out if you get the chance.

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