#SydXmas campaign combines online, offline promotion

Posted by Matt Hayden on Wednesday, December 14, 2016
It's pretty clear that these days almost everyone is an active member of one or more big social networks. So if you have something to promote you should be mindful of this.

Old methods still work well, though. So they shouldn't be ignored. And you'll generate more buzz if you manage to combine both methods in a neat package.

In the lead up to Christmas I saw a good example of this in Martin Place. A couple of yuletide entertainments were promoted around a large Christmas tree. A couple of hashtags were prominently displayed on and around the installation.

It was in a busy location, so lots of people would have seen it just going to and from work. It was large and colourful and therefore visually striking. The hashtags chosen were short and sharp and easy to remember.

This was a local government project, so funding it was no problem. But even if you don't have much money to splash out on promotion, you can still find a way of incorporating these elements in a campaign.

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