Many Aussies leaving Twitter for Gettr

Posted by Matt Hayden on Monday, January 10, 2022
In their efforts to control the narrative --- particularly when it comes to the dreaded 'rona -- the globalist Big Tech oligarchs have been purging accounts from their platforms like crazy in recent months. This has happened mostly in the USA, but  many Aussies are also being punted -- from Twitter especially. 

This has happened before, of course. It seems to occur in waves. In previous ones many of these people went to Gab, and some to Minds. Now, the big exodus is to Gettr. Quite often these people will say in their profiles that they are Twitter refugees.

I've managed to maintain my Twitter account. But I still created one on Gettr a few days ago and have been pleasantly surprised at the level of engagement.

As more and more Australians become aware of the extent to which their rights have been violated, the more this platform will thrive. 

Being on there now is a bit like the early days of Twitter when you could basically say what you wanted without worrying about the ban hammer. So, it's a relief not having to censor yourself.

I'm still on Twitter, BTW. It's still worth using. But you have to be very careful about what you tweet, especially when it's "public health" related. If you say something that contradicts the government and MSM narrative, you could be suspended.

I would recommend people start getting active on Gettr and similar alternative social media platforms even if they're not patriotic "purebloods". That's because there's a massive paradigm shift underway. The globalists are becoming increasingly extreme in their attempts to push everyone into their preferred system, the jab being a massive part of this. But just as those who've had one or two shots are now being termed "unvaccinated" because they haven't had the third of fourth, those who are politically moderate will eventually be seen as extremists and risk being deplatformed. 

The oligarchs think that even if they keep suspending users at a high rate they'll still weather the storm. They figure that the majority will always accept the new rules no matter how quickly they change. So the dissenters will never reach a critical mass and lower the numbers to a point where the platform loses its power, influence and popularity. 

But the problem for them is how extreme the changes have been in what's deemed acceptable by the globalist powers that be. Take the term "antivaxxer" for example. It's now used to demonize people who resist mandatory jabs -- including those who support most tested vaccines. More and more people realize that and reject this deceptive use of language. This group includes many who are themselves jabbed. 

So, they are joining the ranks of purebloods. The needle is shifting, as the saying goes. And this issue affects absolutely everyone. So, if Twitter continues to enforce these extreme restrictions in their efforts to maintain the narrative, more and more people will get annoyed and leave. And they won't come back. 

It's the same in the shops with the QR codes and the like. Fewer and fewer people are checking in with them. And the business owners are becoming increasingly reluctant to enforce compliance because they've realized doing so is just bad for business. They understand that once they've lost a customer -- particularly on something like this -- they're lost for good. 

For this reason even if you're not politically minded and just want to promote something becoming active on Gettr and similar alternative platforms is a good idea. The social media landscape is changing rapidly and this process will continue for a long while yet. As with so many things in life, it's a good idea to hedge your bets and keep your options open. 

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