Affordable, Thorough Letterbox Flyer Distribution

PLEASE NOTE: I'm flat out with other projects, so I'm currently not offering this service (Jan 2019).

Over several years of promoting various websites, products and services I have found flyers to be one of the most reliable methods. You have to do heaps of them and keep at it, of course, but it certainly works consistently, if slowly! I use this method to promote the lessons I offer through this site. Given that I'm already doing this for myself I can offer the service to other small businesses for a good rate ($50 per 1000).


Being a solo operator who is not doing this full time, I can only do relatively small drops. I usually do about 1500 letterboxes a week. (I know that some businesses, particularly real estate agents, tend to saturate large areas at regular intervals. That's just not something I can do, unfortunately.)

I go all over Sydney but tend to focus on the eastern suburbs and inner west. So, if you're, say, a restaurant or cafe in Bondi or Leichhardt and you need to get a few thousand menus out over two or three weeks, then that's the kind of campaign I can do comfortably. 

Demographic targeting as opposed to location-specific

If you're not too fussed about exactly where in Sydney the flyers go, but want to target a particular demographic (eg young people) I may be able to help also ...

I focus on highly built up areas near train stations and major roads mostly in the inner west and eastern suburbs.This is because they tend to have lots of units around them as well as small businesses such as cafes, restaurants, accountants, hairdressers etc that I can market my social media lessons to. Also, I can get lots of flyers out in a short space of time. Given that this is ultimately a numbers game -- and there's only one of me! -- that's a big factor. Areas like this also often contain little shopping centres that have community noticeboards in them. I'm always on the lookout for new ones. (If I encounter one during a drop I'll put your flyer up there as well as mine, of course.)

Those who might find this approach suitable include work-at-home program promoters, computer repairers, home tutors, accountants, etc. I can be flexible and thoughtful about where I go. Say you teach English as a second language. I can target suburbs with lots of people who have non-English speaking backgrounds such as Burwood, Chatswood, etc. If you want to target retirees with a bit of money, then I can go to areas like Mosman. If you are aiming for uni students and younger people generally then inner city suburbs like Chippendale and Newtown come to mind. If you're aiming for families, then Stanmore, Leichhardt and Petersham are good areas.

Maps and photos supplied

Regardless of the nature of the drop, when it is finished I will give you a map with the blocks that I have done highlighted. (And as I get the flyers out I'll tweet a daily photo or video -- like the one below --so you know I'm doing what I say I am.) 

I know this is an unusual way to go about this compared to the big companies that have armies of walkers doing tens of thousands of letterboxes in a short space of time. So it's not for everyone. Still, I can certainly offer value for money doing it this way. Please don't hesitate to call me if you would like to discuss.