Social Media Training in Your Home or Office

NOTE: I am not currently not offering this service. Apologies. 

If you have a business to promote, using Twitter, Facebook and similar sites can be a powerful and enjoyable way to do this. However, you have to approach them correctly to see benefits.

If you are new to social media and perhaps a bit daunted by it but would like to use it as a promotional tool I can definitely help you! I've been using these sites for years and have learned an enormous amount as a result. 

Below is a screenshot of some recent stats from one of my Twitter accounts. You'll see I get a lot of people seeing my profile, as well as engagement with other users. I've never paid Twitter a cent, just gathered momentum on the platform with genuine activity over many months.

And here are some stats from one of several Facebook pages I have running. Again, you'll see that my posts to this page over a week reached many people, and got lots of engagement. Just like with Twitter, none of this was paid for.

Several Social Networks

Twitter is my favourite social network and I have several accounts on it. Here are two that are mainly about marketing. I also have several Facebook pages such as these two focused on Perth

I use other networks as well. Pinterest is great for those with a visual interest. YouTube is a hugely popular site that can be a great marketing tool. And Linkedin is excellent -- especially if you are marketing to other professionals and business owners. 

One Underlying Principle

While each of these sites has its own unique characteristics they all have the same underlying principle. To succeed with them you must have a desire to communicate with others and be persistent. You must see the whole process as human over technical. (Sadly, many people seem to think it's the other way around!)

With this in mind I can really help speed up your learning curve on these sites with a private session or two. In a couple of hours in front of an online computer I can show you the main things to avoid, and what to really focus on. If applicable I can log into my various accounts to provide evidence of how and why these approaches work. I won't be regurgitating stuff I read from some ebook. This will all be stuff I've discovered through experience.

I charge $35 per hour for this service. Please don't hesitate to contact me by phone or through this site if you would like to know more.