Quality Web Hosting Providers

If you want to sell or promote anything online, obviously you need good, reliable web hosting for your website. For some reason there's a widespread belief this can only supplied by a company that's locally based, with all the infrastructure based in Australia.

Frankly, I think this is a myth. I have long been a customer of two huge international web hosting companies based in the US called Weebly and Yola (which is the web host of this site). Site123 is another great US-based company ideal for people who want to take the reins of their online presence.

They're all great, with a range of sleek ready-to-use templates. This means that you don't have to fork out for web design at all. Given how much this can cost, this is a real bonus.


Weebly's main feature is user-friendliness. It has a "drag and drop" website builder that includes a blogging tool that's seamlessly incorporated into the dashboard. (As an example, check out my blog for my site Blog Plus Tweet.)

Another great thing about it (and Yola for that matter) is that it has ecommerce capabilities right there within the platform. You just build your site and add them when you're ready.

This website builder and host is fantastic if you have a home business (or even a small to medium business) -- or if you're an individual who wants to go the "DIY" route. You can sign up for free, so check it out here.


This is another combination website host and builder. It's also ideal for DIY types who want to get cracking straight away, and save heaps of money on developing their online presence.

It is extremely user-friendly and you can create a website very quickly and easily with it. The templates are pre-designed so that whatever content you upload will look sleek and professional.

It also has blogging and ecommerce included. It loads quickly in browsers and, like Weebly, is optimized for all devices including mobile. So that's another headache avoided!

You can also start free with Site123, so please don't hesitate to have a look.


Another big international host with a very good reputation is iPage. This company is well established and is known for offering a solid, reliable service for a bargain price. Not unlike the previous companies I've mentioned, you can easily build your own site. Alternatively, you can have it custom built using such platforms such as Wordpress.


If you do prefer to have your website hosted with an Aussie company Crucial has a good reputation for reliability, with a whole range of different options. Click here or on the banner above to learn more.