Hire Skilled Freelancers for Website Design, Copywriting, Mobile App Development and the Like

I've spoken to several website owners who have some kind of package deal with a big company. They are frustrated because whenever they want some minor adjustment made to their sites they have to wait ages. Then when it is completed, they get charged exorbitant fees. They're often not happy with the work done, too. It's not unlike how many people feel about the big banks. These website owners feel like they're being treated like numbers, not people. For this reason getting work done by freelancers can be a really good option. They are usualy just as good, if not better than, those who work for big companies. They are keen to get the work. And because they often have little or no overheads they often don't charge that much. You can find them by various ways.

Perhaps the best is through the site Freelancer. After signing up, you can submit a project that you need a skilled freelancer to work on, and choose from those who bid for it. This site is actually based in Sydney but has a massive global membership. It's probably the biggest of its kind. Needless to say there are many skilled Australian freelancers on it.

Then there's Airtasker. This is another Sydney based outfit. It's not as focused on internet marketing related gigs, and is used mostly by people who need help with localized and often physical work such as cleaning and moving house. That said, it's still a popular choice for individuals and businesses with various online and technical tasks that need to be completed. You can also find many excellent freelancers on Gumtree and other big online classifieds sites. You can either search for them or place your own ad asking for their services.

You may also need some computer related troubleshooting help. In that case then Nearby Nerd is worth looking at. This site employs students mostly. They are highly skilled, but don't charge like wounded bulls. You can search the site by location and skills.