Reliable Free Wifi Locations in Sydney

I get around the city a lot. And I'm always keen to log in and tweet, check e-mail etc. I know that a lot of people will be in this boat -- especially those who are into online marketing. With this in mind I've decided to collate a list of places you can access free wifi in Sydney.

Of course many venues and organizations have them these days. But they're often unreliable. So I've decided to include only those that I have actually used and know for certain are fairly fast and reliable. 


I haven't checked out many so far in Sydney, having only been here several weeks so far. But I have used the service Starbucks a lot, and have done so at each of their outlets in the Sydney CBD. You get an hour of free wifi with each purchase. It's pretty fast and solid. It does tend to cut out occasionally but you just have to log in again with your code. 

There is one venue that seems to have more issues than the others, though. And that's the one in George St, just near Event Cinemas. It's been offline a couple of times when I've gone in there. But the good thing is that if that happens you'll still have some credit left. And as far as I can tell you can use it at any of the Starbucks outlets. 


Most libraries offer free wifi these days. But quality of connection does vary. And the number of people using it at any given time is also a big factor. So, if I've been somehwere and had issues with it, it doesn't always mean that it's like that all the time.

With this in mind, here are the libraries whose wifi I've used so far, and my thoughts on each. 

NSW. This is a solid connection. Never had any trouble with it. Is often busy here, though. So you might not find a seat -- at least one that has access to a mains plug. 

Just make sure that you use the main library, and don't go to the Mitchell Collection. Seems to be that the signal is very  weark there (or maybe it was just too busy that day). Whatever the cause, on the day I tried I had no luck with it.

Campsie Library. Not the fastest but it seems to be a solid connection. 

Leichhardt Library. Good solid connection. Note, the library is a oittle heard to find. it's in the elegant Italian Forum in Norton St. it's doen on the piazza level, but tucked away in the corner.

Mosman library. Solid connection.