YouTube marketing is great for locally oriented businesses

Posted by Matt Hayden on Saturday, June 3, 2017
I have been making numerous short local videos for YouTube in recent months. I'm doing it for fun more than anything else. But it's been quite instructive.

I've been mindful of the fact that YT is a huge search engine in its own right. So I've been applying SEO principles while uploading them and using geo-specific keywords in the titles and descriptions, and tags.

Now, my videos of Sydney are being found increasingly often for those keywords. And they slowly creep up the internal search engine rankings. Some don't lift much. Others do.

Take one of them, which is of the Italian Forum in Leichhardt. I took it well over a year ago, and it gets a view every few days. Still it's at the top of the rankings for searches for that actual building. And it's also now in about position 3 for searches for "Leichhardt Sydney".

Given this fact I was thinking how useful this could be if you had a local service and wanted to become known by lots of people in your area. And one profession comes immediately to mind: real estate agent. It wouldn't take long to make several short videos of local landmarks. If you filmed yourself in them you'd also be getting your face known a bit as well.

This wouldn't be about drawing traffic to a site as much as just becoming more well known locally. It would be more of a branding exercise.

Another way to use the video sharing site for local promotion: Interview business people in your area. You could ask them about the area, make it locally relevant. When uploading the videos include these business names in the titles, descriptions and tags along with the geo-specific terms.

As well as helping build their authority -- since you're citing them as experts -- you can tap in to their established popularity and be found by people searching specifically for their business and brand names. Definitely a win-win!

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