Twitter, Facebook cross promotion tip: Tweet Facebook notes

Posted by Matt Hayden on Wednesday, September 14, 2016
I'm a big believer in joining several different social networks and being as active on all of them as time will allow. Obviously joining too many can be pointless because you'll fail to build momentum on any of them. But if you can get into at least three this has huge benefits, one of them being the ability to cross promote.

There are many ways of doing this of course. But here's one using Facebook and Twitter that I think is very useful because it complements the two sites nicely. 

Twitter is fast and focused but it's also very limited. You've only got 140 characters per tweet, after all. So this can get a bit frustrating if you've got something short and punchy to say that still requires a bit more space than that. 

In situations like this what you can do is log into Facebook, then as your page write a Facebook note that fully conveys your thoughts. Then you can tweet this link. As with all tweets, it's a good idea to use relevant hashtags so it gets seen by as many people as possible.

By doing this you'll be promoting your Facebook page indirectly on Twitter. Surely some of your followers will click on the link, as well as the odd tweep who doesn't know you. Given that many (if not most) Twitter users are also on Facebook then surely some will like your page as a result. 

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