Nabo social network looks good for local businesses

Posted by Matt Hayden on Tuesday, May 9, 2017
When it comes to social networking obviously Facebook is king and it will be for quite some time. But there have been many changes in the online landscape recently, with new sites popping popping up all over the place targeting various niches.

One of these of interest to Sydneysiders is Nabo. It's a locally owned site that received some major backing to get going. (There was another one in this vein that is still up online but a bit of a ghost town now. That's Housenet.)

What makes Nabo unique and potentially more appealing than bigger social networks is its focus on localization. In, say, Facebook that aspect is not paramount. Yes, you can create a business page as a bricks and mortar business, so a map shows where you are. And it's a great way to find stuff locally. But it's still more about connections between friends, and socializing around interests.

But when you join Nabo you actually put your home address in, which can be confirmed. So you can see how many of your actual neighbours are on the site.

I joined recently and had had a look around. I was quite surprised at just how many people in my immediate vicinity are registered and active. I recently posted this photo in the Lost and Found section and got some positive response to it.

Like Facebook, you can create a business page. But from what I can tell you have to do that right from the start. It's separate from your personal identity. It's not like most other social networks where you build these as extensions off your personal account.

So I haven't used it in this particular way yet. Still, there are many such pages on there and given the pretty high take up so far it looks like a good place to be if you service a local market.

I do think it could end up being very popular. While it's obviously not going to knock Facebook off its perch, I think people will appreciate this extra aspect of localization. They'll also warm to it because it's an Australian outfit. If you do have a local business in Sydney (or any Aussie city for that matter) I would get on it and start making connections. Could prove to be very productive.

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