Local Facebook marketing tip: Engage with pages managed in-house

Posted by Matt Hayden on Sunday, June 12, 2016
Without a doubt one of the best ways to build up a quality Facebook page following is to use it to engage with other local pages. If you keep liking and commenting the updates of popular pages in your area -- such as news outlets -- your page will be seen by many locals, some of whom are sure to like it. So this is definitely worth doing. 

However, it's best not to put all your effort into the popular local pages. It's also worth engaging with those of smaller businesses in your area. And while it's best to avoid your direct competitors for obvious reasons, it helps if they are in a niche that is similar or related to yours.

Smaller pages like this are good because they are much likely to be run in-house, either by the owner or a staff member. So you can often build up a good rapport with this person over time. And it can really be "the gift that keeps giving". Occasional shares of your content on his or her page, for example, can add up to a significant number of extra views by locals over time.

On the other hand, management of massively popular pages that share a large amount of content takes so much time and effort that it's often outsourced to agencies. And these are staffed by various individuals that have no real sense of connection with the community that's building up around the many pages they're managing. They're doing what's required for the time they're being paid, and that's it. They're also interchangeable. So even if you do build up a connection with one of them, there's no guarantee this person will even be there the next time you engage with that page. 

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