Kings Cross Library has good free wifi

Posted by Matt Hayden on Tuesday, March 15, 2016
If ever you need to work on the web, or just check your e-mails, etc, then the libraries in Sydney are great. They all have free wifi as far as I can tell. And it's usually pretty reliable. However it does vary a bit in quality.

One of the best of these is the library at Kings Cross. It's just opposite the train station on Darlinghurst Rd, shown below, so it's really easy to get to. 

The main work section is on the second level. There are numerous study desks and power points. There are also numerous comfy lounges to relax on. It's usually pretty crowded, and there are usually a few backpackers, and students having a nap in there at any given time. 

Given it's location, and the fact that it's part of a neighbourhood service centre, you do see junkies and people with mental health issues in there occasionally. They do cause the odd disturbance. 

Still, they're usually pretty harmless. And considering how many people are in there at any given time it's generally pretty quiet. 

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