How web developers can find leads on Facebook

Posted by Matt Hayden on Friday, October 7, 2016
The great thing about Facebook is that almost everyone is on it. And while not nearly enough businesses have a Facebook presence, there are still plenty of them that do have pages. The nature of their usage of it can be very useful for people in the B2B niche -- especially web developers. 

If you offer web design or related services then you should look through lots of locally oriented business pages. As you do, you'll see that most of them have links to their websites. But some of them don't. And it's reasonable to assume that if there is no website linked then they don't have one! (After all, it stands to reason that they would do so if they did have one, right?)

And if they are on Facebook -- particularly if they've got a decent-sized following -- then they are obviously aware of the value of being online. They just haven't gotten around to getting a website built yet.

Clearly, these are just the kind of people you want to connect with. And Facebook is of course a perfect way to do this -- particularly if they are active on it. Of course you could just leave a post on their wall saying that you make websites. Or you could even phone them and tell them this. 

But frankly I think that's a bit too full-on. Better to just like their page and start engaging with them. They will slowly get to know and trust you. It's quite likely that some of them will even end up coming to you! But even if they don't, after a few interactions you can send them an overt sales message. This won't be spammy to them, because you've already established a connection. You're bound to get some sales this way.

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