Google loves YouTube. That's something to keep in mind

Posted by Matt Hayden on Monday, September 12, 2016
YouTube is a fantastic platform, and one that's often overlooked. Perhaps that's because people tend to think that they need to have slick promotional videos up there, which would of course be expensive and time consuming to create. But they don't have to be big productions to work. You can very quickly and easily put very shareable nuggets of content up there that you record on your smartphone and upload straight away.

The other advantage is that Google loves YouTube. And the video sharing site is the world's second most popular search engine in its own right anyway.

I was reminded of this recently a couple of times. Being a blogger in various niches, my name along with the word "blog" does get enough Google searches per month to appear in the drop down menu . Of course my main blog, which has been going for years and has hundreds of posts on it, does rank highly for this.

But what I noticed was that a YouTube channel that I had just created for this blog also ended up on page one for this search, at the bottom. And it's only got one short video up there so far.

Now, obviously that's not a highly competitive term. But it's not like there's no competition at all, either. I do have several blogs, and there's that famous cricketer who shares my name also. 

So, the fact that it appeared so quickly there was a not insignificant sign of the value that Google gives to video content, particularly on that platform.

A similar thing happened with the channel I created for this site. I uploaded one video to it as I was doing a flyer drop in Vaucluse. That now appears on page six or seven, I think, for searches for "flyer distribution Sydney". Now, that's a long way down the list, of course. But that is a competitive, commercially oriented search term. So, the fact that a little 2 minute video is ranking above some dedicated websites for it says something, surely.

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