Flyer campaign targeting tip: Use Google Earth

Posted by Matt Hayden on Thursday, March 3, 2016
When running flyer campaigns, obviously you want to make them as targeted as possible. Often the way to do this is pretty much self-evident. If you are a pizza bar or similar bricks and mortar type business, you'll want to include pretty much every available letterbox within a certain radius of your location.

But you may be promoting something that is not so geo-specific and is more about demographics instead. If this is the case then Google Earth can be a very useful tool. You can get a clear idea of the most suitable areas to target by looking at them from high above. 

You can use Google Earth directly. But to do this you'll need it downloaded onto your computer. For some people this is not an option for various reasons. If you're in this boat then check out WorldFlicks. It's got all the same amazing images, except you're just viewing them all on the site.

It's great. Say you want to do a flyer run targeting a certain demographic in Sydney. You can start looking down at the whole city and just zoom in from there. It's absolutely clear where the industrial, light industrial and suburban areas are. You can also tell the newer suburbs from the older ones by the size of the blocks and the colours of the roofs.

I've found this extremely useful when distributing flyers for myself and others. If I'm promoting my social media marketing lessons I know that it takes a lot of them before I get a response. It's a pretty unusual, nichey service after all. That's why I tend to look for suburbs where there are heaps of units as well as houses close together. Busy retail strips nearby are a bonus, since these will have cafes, restaurants and other businesses that benefit greatly from a social media presence.

In some areas close to the CBD you get all of these elements together. But if you go further out, you tend to get clusters of apartment blocks around the train stations and along main roads. But the houses are all much more spread out. This is all pretty clear from aerial images of these areas. 

After looking at some new part of Sydney and taking these factors into consideration I can plan a flyer drop with a rough idea of how many I'll be doing in a certain time frame. This is useful because I know that if I just maintain a certain number of flyers distributed per week, the calls come in consistently.

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