Facebook marketing tip: Think of your page as an online cafe

Posted by Matt Hayden on Sunday, June 19, 2016
One thing that really stands out on Facebook is how good cafes and pubs are at using it to market themselves. I think this is because they know the value of emotion. Their business depends on making people feel welcome, after all. So they find out how to do that with their FB pages as well. 

So learn from them and think of your page as an online cafe. Be welcoming with it. Give it a warm atmosphere. The visual appeal of it is of course a factor here. So uploading appealing photos of your office and staff helps to achieve this.

But the main thing is the interaction with your page likers. Posting often and asking for responses really helps. You have conversations with them and returning becomes a habit for some. They see other regulars there, and get to know them through interaction.

Do this and you'll always have a crowd milling about your page. Even if it is small, that doesn't matter. It's a powerful start. People already present are like a magnet for new ones. 

That's why cafe owners are so good to their regulars even if they don't spend that much money. It means that they'll keep coming back because they feel welcome and appreciated. Then the cafe will never be empty. And if there are always some people there, it becomes a much more attractive destination for those walking past.

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