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Posted by Matt Hayden on Monday, May 21, 2018
Regardless of the field you're in, surely one of the best ways to build a network of engaged followers on a social networking site is to participate in the communities that each of the big platforms offer. With this in mind I've already listed ones on Linkedin and Facebook that Aussies in general and Sydneysiders in particular will find useful.

Google Plus communities are also definitely worth being active in. Now, I know that this platform hasn't really taken off in Australia. And maybe it won't ever do so. However, there are still hundreds of thousands of Australian individuals and businesses on there. So it shouldn't ignored as a way to build connections with them.

And it's not just the actual human presence on there that matters. If you've got a website that you want to promote then you should create a Google Plus brand page for it. And you can actually join communities on the platform as your page. Google will take your activity on them into account in its search engine rankings. This may not be a huge factor, but every little bit helps as the saying goes.

If you have a blog (and you should, of course!) then you can share new posts in many of these communites. Not only will it result in faster indexing by the search giant, but you're sure to get some "plus ones" happening. And this does seem to lift your rankings a bit. (There is quite a bit of debate about the extent of this effect but from my own experience it's worth having.)

So below are some Google Plus communities specifically for Aussies who have something to promote. Now it's got to be said that there are some spammy posts on these communities. Still, there are genuine locals as well. It's this geo-targeting effect that has value. Even if you don't post in them you can still find people to connect with.

Australian Advertising and Marketing
Online Shopping Australia
Business Australia
Australia's Business Directory
Australia, New Zealand -- Business Improvements
Australia Classifieds: Buy, Sell, Trade, Jobs
B2B Australia
Australian Business Marketing
Internet Marketing Australia
Digital Marketing Australia
Australian Business
Small Business Australia
Small Business Ecommerce -- Australia

Here are some similar business oriented groups focusing on Sydney:

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NSW, Sydney Business Experts
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Sydney Businesses
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