A Facebook page like is valuable, but it is just the start

Posted by Matt Hayden on Thursday, June 9, 2016
Facebook page likes are certainly important. They are tangible, social proof that people have a positive view of your page's content and want to see more of it. So, obviously you'll want to amass as many of them as possible. 

But they must be genuine, resulting from users' organic interaction with your content and offered freely. Otherwise they are pretty much meaningless. (That's why you should never buy likes in bulk. These may be from real people. But they have no real desire to engage with your page. They're only clicking the like button because they're being paid a little to do this.)

And while it's great to get a like, it really is just the start. That's because Facebook marketing is a bit like romancing someone. (I know, it sounds a bit weird but I think it's a useful analogy.)

If you meet someone you warm to you'll want to exchange phone numbers, right? But that's not the end of it. You'll have to have many chats over the ensuing months, if not years, before you can win his or her heart. This person will really have to get to know you, and vice versa. If it's meant to be, love will blossom organically, at its own pace. That song "You can't Hurry Love" comes to mind here ... 

Facebook marketing is not unlike this. It's all about getting to know people -- although of course this is not in a romantic sense, and you want it to happen with many people, not just one. 

The page owner who obsesses over likes but doesn't build connections and engagement with the likers is a bit like the hopeless romantic who accumulates women's phone numbers but never actually calls them. So, as the years roll by he's got hundreds of numbers. But he's still lonely. 

You don't want to be that guy!

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